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Properties and applications of phosphorus trichloride products
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Phosphorus trichloride formula: pcl3, is a chemical, in life often used. Especially to organic pesticides will add phosphorus trichloride, widely used in life.
Phosphorus trichloride is a colorless and transparent liquid with a density of 1.575g/cm 3. It emits smoke in moist air and has a strong pungent smell. When it comes into contact with ethanol and water, it will decompose and react.
Application: intermediate of organophosphorus pesticide, used in organic synthesis as chlorination agent, catalyst and solvent in the production of dye, flavor, medicine, etc., raw material of phosphonic acid corrosion and scale inhibiting water treatment agent, cushion protection of pearlite metal, also can be used as raw material of sulfur phosphorus trichloride, oxygen and phosphorus chloride, phosphorous phosphite and ester.
Quality of phosphorus trichloride products: phosphorus trichloride content 99.0%
Phosphorus trichloride packaging: iron drum 200kg/ drum, 7 ~ 13 tons/tank truck.
Phosphorus trichloride price different manufacturers, different specifications of phosphorus trichloride, the price is different. Different regions, the price of phosphorus trichloride is also different, therefore, in the purchase of phosphorus trichloride or to the local relevant enterprises to inquire.
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