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Management method for safe use of phosphorus oxychloride
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Phosphorus oxychloride is a colorless smoke liquid, encountered by the liquid and cold water, alcohol will occur decomposition, steam in the moist air quickly hydrolysis, the formation of smoke. However, if the product enters the body, it will cause great harm, such as headache, dyspnea, general weakness, blood streaks in sputum, in severe cases, suffocation, pneumonia, pulmonary edema and other symptoms. Therefore, in the use of phosphorus oxychloride, it is best to do the following measures, can effectively ensure the safety of use.
Safe use measures of phosphorus oxychloride:
1, phosphorus trichlorohydrous preparation, many factories are water injection vacuum pumping phosphorus trichlorohydrous to the storage tank, so pay attention to the water injection vacuum sequence, to prevent accidents, special vacuum buffer tank to check often, to prevent water back into the storage tank and accidents.
2, the occurrence of hydrogen chloride phosphorus oxychloride, attention should be paid to prevent phosphorus oxychloride drop too much, if the drop too much, must be slowly drop water decomposition phosphorus oxychloride after the release of phosphoric acid.
3. Hydrolysis of materials containing phosphorus oxychloride it is generally recommended to slowly put the materials into the hydrolysis kettle with ice water and stir constantly. If possible, do not add water to the materials, which will be very dangerous operation.
4, where the use of phosphorus oxychloride system, should be as far as possible to detect all materials moisture, to prevent excessive moisture explosion accidents.
5, the use of phosphorus oxychloride reactor often check whether there is damage to the reactor wall, to prevent water leakage accident.
6, when adding phosphorus oxychloride to the reaction kettle, pay attention to observe whether there is any abnormal situation, if there is immediately stop feeding, check the reason before feeding reaction.
In the use of phosphorus oxychloride, as long as in accordance with the safe operation method can effectively ensure the safety of use, prevent any safety problems.
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