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The main factors affecting the quality of phosphorus trichloride products
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Phosphorus trichloride, also known as phosphorus chloride is a colorless transparent liquid smoke, industrial products due to containing impurities present yellowish transparent liquid, has strong excitant odour, relative density 1.574, melting point 112 ℃, boiling point 76 ℃, soluble in ether, benzene, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, etc., with water or acid hydrolysis, with organic contact reaction, even burning explosion; Toxic, corrosive, and can burn.
Phosphorus trichloride is mainly used in the manufacture of organophosphorus pesticides, oxidants, catalysts, detergents, condensers, stabilizers and solvents, etc.
Factors affecting the quality of phosphorus trichloride products:
1, the industrial production of phosphorus trichloride mainly adopts direct chlorination, the yellow phosphorus heating melting into reaction tank and dry chlorine reaction, distillation, cooling is the finished product.
2. Industrial phosphorus trichloride products execute HG/ t2970-19999 industrial phosphorus trichloride. According to the standard, according to the content of phosphorus trichloride, free phosphorus content, boiling range of 3 indicators, the product is divided into three grades: first-class product, first-class product, and qualified product.

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