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Explanation of Impact Analysis of Changes
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The project nature, scale, location, production process, and noise environmental protection measures of Xuzhou Yongli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. have not changed. The unorganized waste gas from phosphorus pentachloride loading was originally absorbed and discharged by a vacuum unit. Now, a new "second level water absorption+first level alkali absorption" waste gas treatment device and exhaust pipe have been built, which has been transformed into organized discharge, Build a new process control room and connect the exhaust gas to the five chlorine loading vehicle exhaust gas for absorption, treatment, and emission. The position and treatment measures of the exhaust pipe have changed; Increase hazardous waste such as waste reagent bottles, laboratory waste liquid (online monitoring waste liquid), waste labor protection gloves, and waste activated carbon. Entrust qualified units to regularly dispose of hazardous waste to achieve zero discharge of solid waste; Supplement self testing content for noise, soil, and groundwater. The conclusion of the environmental impact assessment remains unchanged after the self inspection and evaluation of the project: The construction of this project complies with industrial policies, development plans, and environmental protection plans, achieves standard emissions, meets total control requirements, and will not change the existing environmental functions. Therefore, under the premise of implementing the environmental protection measures proposed in the report, it is feasible from an environmental protection perspective. A general impact analysis of changes has been prepared in accordance with the Notice on Major Changes in Environmental Impact Construction Projects (Trial) (Environmental Impact Assessment Letter [2020] No. 688), which is now publicly available and subject to social supervision.

Explanation of Impact Analysis of Changes

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