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Phosphorus oxychloride emergency first aid method
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Phosphorus oxychloride is a colorless odor of the smoke liquid, soluble in chlorine or phosphorus pentachloride red yellow, exposed to moist air that hydrolyze the formation of phosphoric acid and hydrogen chloride, attack white smoke. Encounter water and alcohol attack differentiation and release a lot of heat and hydrochloric acid gas, the eyes have an impact, a corrosive.
Yongli chemical phosphorus trichlorophosphate can not only be used in chemical products, but also is the primary dopant in manufacturing industry. It is mainly used in the dispersion and doping technology of integrated circuit, solar cell and electronic components production process. It is an essential chemical in integrated circuit production process and widely used in photovoltaic and IC industry.
Phosphorus oxychloride is very toxic, such as emergency failure should do first aid:
Skin touch: immediately take off the contaminated wear, immediately with clean cotton or cloth to absorb the liquid.
Eye touch: immediately lift eyelid, with a lot of activities of water or saline completely flushing at least 15 minutes.
Inhalation: quickly leave the scene to the fresh air, keep the respiratory tract clear, such as dyspnea, give oxygen, such as suspension of breathing, immediately conduct artificial respiration.
Ingestion: gargle with water, wash stomach without corrosion, avoid oil.
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