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What should be paid attention to when phosphorus trichloride
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Phosphorus trichloride selection method:
When selecting phosphorus trichloride, first draw 100 ml of liquid from phosphorus trichloride barrel. If the liquid appears transparent or slightly yellow, it indicates that the product is qualified and meets relevant requirements.
Secondly, when buying phosphorus trichloride, it is necessary to look at the packaging of phosphorus trichloride, to check whether the appearance is complete, to ensure integrity, no leakage, no contamination. And phosphorus trichloride packaging drums logo printing should be clear, can not be altered or blurred words.
What's the price of phosphorus trichloride? As for the price of phosphorus trichloride, there is no uniform price in the market at present. Because phosphorus trichloride price will be affected by the region, manufacturers reputation, quality and other aspects. For example, the price of phosphorus trichloride in places with high consumption level is much higher than that in places with low consumption level, and the price of phosphorus trichloride from different manufacturers is also different, so there will be different levels. Therefore, in the purchase of phosphorus trichloride, can not be compared according to the price, should be compared from multiple aspects, so as to ensure the quality of the purchase of phosphorus trichloride.
Xuzhou yongli chemical industry co., LTD is a manufacturer integrating sales, production and development, mainly producing phosphorus trichloride, nicotinic acid, phosphorus trichlorooxychloride, phosphorus pentachloride and other related products, and the price of phosphorus trichloride is also the most appropriate in the industry, to meet consumer consumption, and can guarantee the quality of products.
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