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A brief discussion on the production process of phosphorus trichloride
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Phosphorus trichloride is colorless transparent liquid with strong pungent odor, can be quickly dissolved in benzene, ether, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride. The product can hydrolyze into phosphorous acid and hydrogen chloride when exposed in moist air for a long time. In the case of ethanol and water decomposition reaction, oxygen to produce phosphorus chloride. So phosphorus trichloride is best stored in a cool, dry place, to ensure that the product in the air will not occur oxidation.
Production process of phosphorus trichloride:
The content of phosphorus trichloride was prepared by reaction of yellow phosphorus and chlorine gas in boiling mother liquor of phosphorus trichloride. Phosphorus trichloride is washed and condensed into the finished product.
Production process: put 5000Kg, phosphorus trichloride mother liquor and 310Kg, yellow phosphorus as the bottom phosphorus in the chlorination pot, heat to the boiling of phosphorus trichloride, add molten yellow phosphorus into the chlorination pot by the yellow phosphorus metering tank according to the ratio of phosphorus and chlorine, and add chlorine gas, that is, the reaction produces phosphorus trichloride. Phosphorus trichloride is vaporized by the heat generated by the reaction and enters the phosphorus column. After washing away most free phosphorus, it enters the condenser for condensation. Part of the condensed phosphorus trichloride flows into the phosphorus column as the reflux liquid, and the other part flows into the phosphorus trichloride metering tank.
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