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Phosphorous acid is an inorganic acid corrosive material, which needs careful transportation
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Phosphorous acid is an inorganic compound, easily soluble in water and alcohol, and slowly oxidized to phosphoric acid in air. When heated to 180 degrees, the product breaks down into phosphoric acid and phosphine, a highly toxic and explosive chemical.
Phosphorous acid also has a strong reduction, easy to reduce silver ion (Ag+) into metal silver (Ag), can reduce sulfuric acid into sulfur dioxide. It has strong hygroscopicity and delixability, and is corrosive. It is the raw material of pesticide intermediate and organophosphorus water treatment agent. Therefore, the chemical has a strong toxicity, when using, toxicity protection, so as to ensure the safety of chemical use.
Phosphorous acid is an inorganic acid corroded article. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse during storage and transportation. Sealed packaging, do not be exposed to moisture upside down, can not be stored with alkali, toxic substances, H porous agents and other corrosive substances mixed transportation. Transport should be rain and sun protection, ocean transport can not be placed on the deck. Handle with care during loading and unloading. Do not roll or invert to prevent damage to the package. Fire, available sand, dry powder extinguisher to put out.
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