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Introduction of chlorine dioxide disinfectant powder
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Chlorine dioxide disinfectant powder
Compared with traditional chlorine dioxide disinfectant, chlorine dioxide disinfectant powder has greater advantages in terms of its bactericidal strength, effective time, cost and convenience. Specifically, it is shown in the following aspects:
Chlorine dioxide disinfection powder content is 8%, more commonly now on content and standard of liquid content, compared to 2% the cost of content are the first four times, not only that, the use of chlorine dioxide disinfection powder concentration need only a quarter - one-third of chlorine dioxide disinfectant, so it is 3-4 times, normal dosage, 1/12-1/15 of solid chlorine dioxide disinfectant is liquid, solid chlorine dioxide disinfection powder is the concentration of chlorine dioxide disinfection liquid type products. The price of chlorine dioxide disinfectant powder is only 8-10 times of chlorine dioxide disinfectant, and the cost saving is about 1/3 to 1/2.
In addition, chlorine dioxide disinfection powder does not need to prepare activator, directly add water activation, use more convenient, and because of its use of disinfection powder concentration is low, corrosion is also smaller.
Solid chlorine dioxide sterilizing powder series products are a kind of domestic high-end products which are developed by our company and have international advanced level. Its specific features are:
1, green environmental protection, safe and non-toxic without any side effects, it and water organic reaction does not form chloroform and other three (carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenesis) substances, is listed as a class a safe and effective disinfectant by the world health organization (WHO).
(2) fast and thorough sterilization. Its effective chlorine is 2.6 times that of chlorine, its oxidation capacity is about 2.5 times that of chlorine, and its sterilization effect is about 5 times that of hypochlorous acid. All kinds of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, including heat resistant bacteria can be completely inactivated in an instant.
Ammonia, sulfur compounds, organic compounds reaction with air or object surface, timely and effective removal of odor, odor;
High purity, high activation rate, chlor-free and other impurities generation;
5. It is not easy to absorb moisture, the original liquid after the activation of the product is not easy to volatilize, stable quality, long shelf life;
6 one yuan packaging, use, transportation and storage more convenient; Low consumption and low cost.
Technical indexes of chlorine dioxide:
Chlorine dioxide disinfection powder content: 8%, white powder particles.
Packaging of chlorine dioxide disinfection powder: 200g ×50 bags/carton.
Life of chlorine dioxide disinfection powder: 2 years.
Features of chlorine dioxide products:
Safe, efficient and broad-spectrum, it can quickly kill all microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses, without residue or resistance:
High purity extraction technology, mono-flower solid packaging.
Easy to use, just according to the use of a certain amount of disinfectant into the water.
Good stability, durable drug effect.
Pungent smell is small, won't make a person have adverse reaction.
The application cost is low, the ratio of water mixing in general disinfection application is 1:1500 -2000.
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