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What role does phosphorus oxychloride have
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Phosphorus oxychloride is an industrial chemical raw materials, colorless transparent liquid, and has a pungent odor, in the humid air will be violent smoke, mainly used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, phosphate ester and flame retardant production.
Phosphorus oxychloride is a medium toxic raw material, with tear inducing and corrosive, mainly used for weeding, pest control and rodent control in farmland. Phosphorus oxychloride is the raw material for the manufacture of organophosphorus pesticide chloramidine. It is used to produce phosphate ester and plasticizer. Used for chlorination of sulfonamides. Production of dye intermediates, organic synthesis of chlorination agent and catalyst, uranium ore extraction agent. It is widely used in the production of pesticides, medicines, dyes, phosphates and flame retardants. It is also used for chlorination of long-acting sulfonamide drugs, as intermediate for production of dyes, chlorination agent and catalyst for organic synthesis, uranium ore extraction agent and so on.
Phosphorus oxychloride, commonly known as phosphorus oxychloride, is mainly used in the synthesis of organophosphorus pesticides for the synthesis of another kind of intermediates containing phosphorus -- phosphonyl chloride or phosphonyl dichloride. In other aspects, phosphorus oxychloride can be used as chlorination agent, catalyst, plastic plasticizer, dye intermediate, etc., and also used in pharmaceutical industry and organic synthesis.
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