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How is dichloroniacin processed
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Dichloronicotinic acid is a chemical product with a white crystalline appearance that is often used in medicine and agriculture. But nothing is known about the production of dichloronicotinic acid.
Dichloronicotinic acid is usually used in the process of special equipment dichloronicotinic acid, first of all to the dichloronicotinic acid drying, drying, it into a crushing, in its comprehensive processing. In drying, drying will use dichloronicotinic acid dryer. First, the hot air tangentially enters the bottom of the dryer and forms a strong rotating wind field driven by the agitator. The paste material enters into the dryer by spiral feeder. Under the strong action of high-speed rotating stirring paddle, the material is dispersed under the action of impact, friction and shearing, and the lump material is rapidly crushed, fully contacted with hot air, heated and dried. The dry material after dehydration rises with the hot air flow, the classification ring traps the large particles, and the small particles are discharged from the dryer from the center of the ring, which is recovered by the cyclone separator and dust collector. The material that is not completely dry or large pieces of material are thrown to the wall of the device under the action of centrifugal force, and then fall back to the bottom to be crushed and dried.
After being crushed by the dichloronicotinic acid dryer, it is processed. Using the equipment for processing, can better protect the dichloronicotinic acid, prevent dichloronicotinic acid caused environmental pollution, environmental impact. At the same time in the use of dichloronicotinic acid, but also to do a good job of protection, prevent dichloronicotinic acid touch the skin, causing the impact on people.
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