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Phosphorus oxychloride combustion explosion danger is very great, we should pay attention to safety
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Phosphorus oxychloride combustion AIDS high, long - term in high temperature will appear combustion. Therefore, when phosphorus oxychloride storage, best stored in a dry area, can not contact with the wet area, at the same time can not contact with the fire source, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable.
The risk of combustion and explosion of phosphorus oxychloride:
Phosphorus oxychloride in contact with water violent decomposition, produce a lot of heat and smoke, or even explosion. It is highly corrosive, forming corrosive gases in contact with air, reacting with acids, alcohols, alkali metals, caustics, combustible substances, carbon disulfide, dimethyl formamide, organic compounds, strong alkali and zinc powder. In wet conditions, except for lead, it corrodes steel and most metals quickly. Special hazards: reaction with water produces hydrogen chloride, phosphorus oxide, and phosphosane. So phosphorus oxychloride is very dangerous.
When the explosion of phosphorus oxychloride problem, can not use water, available dry powder, sand. If accidental contact with phosphorus oxychloride, immediately evacuate the site, isolation appliances, personnel thoroughly clean. Steam is heavier than air and tends to accumulate at lower levels. Steam in a confined area can explode on fire. Storage containers and their components may fly far in all directions. If the substance or contaminated fluid enters the waterways, notify downstream users of potential water contamination and notify local health and fire officials and pollution control departments. Use mist - cooled but exposed containers away from safety and explosion.
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