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Where are fine chemicals mainly used
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Fine chemical industry is the general name of fine chemical industry, and its varieties are various, such as dichloroniacin is one of the fine chemical industry, its production requirements are high, product quality is high, commodity is strong. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries. Xuzhou yongli fine chemical industry for you to introduce the use of fine chemical industry.
Xuzhou yongli fine chemical company introduction: fine chemical industry is a new field of chemical industry, fine chemical products variety, high added value, wide use, industrial correlation degree, direct service in the national economy of many industries and various fields of high-tech industries.
Main USES of fine chemical industry:
Fine chemical industry in general is widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, synthetic dyes, organic pigments, coatings, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics and health products of wash one's hands, soap and synthetic detergent, surface active agent, printing ink and its additives, adhesives, photographic materials, magnetic materials, catalysts, reagents, water treatment agent with the polymer flocculant, the papermaking assistant, the leather, synthetic materials, additives, textile printing and dyeing and finishing agent, food additives, feed additives, animal drugs, oilfield chemicals, oil additives, and refining auxiliaries, cement additives, mineral flotation agents, foundry chemicals, metal surface treatment agent, Synthetic lubricants and lubricants additives, automotive chemicals, aromatic deodorants, industrial fungicides, electronic chemicals and materials, functional polymer materials, biological and chemical products, and more than 40 industries and categories. With the development of China's economy, the application field of fine chemical industry will continue to expand, the application scope will be more extensive.
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