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Phosphorus chemical industry enters a new period of fine operation
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Over the years, through the joint efforts of the whole industry, China's phosphate and compound fertilizer industry has completed the task of "pushing forward by production" and guaranteeing the domestic demand comprehensively. At present, the industry is facing the industrial competitiveness is not strong, effective demand shrinking, overcapacity leads to lower levels of vicious competition, new difficulties and problems such as the decline in efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption society at the same time the chemical industry, safety and environmental requirements also more and more high, phosphate &compound fertilizer industry in China has entered a new historical development period.

Zhou zhuye, chairman of China phosphate fertilizer industry association, pointed out that in 2013, China's phosphate compound fertilizer industry was affected by overcapacity, and the market competition was increasingly fierce. Under the circumstance of increasing output and sales revenue, most phosphate fertilizer enterprises showed a declining profit trend due to rising raw fuel and labor costs. However, through the concerted efforts of the whole industry, a variety of measures have been taken to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and the economic operation of the industry is generally stable, the total output slightly decreases, and the overall benefit of the whole year is slightly increased year-on-year.

On the whole, in 2013, the phosphate compound fertilizer industry was running smoothly with adequate domestic security. Phosphate compound fertilizer production capacity continues to grow, output year-on-year small decline. By the end of 2013, China's phosphate compound fertilizer production capacity had reached 23.5 million tons of P2O5 per year, with a year-on-year growth of 6.8%. However, in 2013, the total output of phosphate compound fertilizer was 16.49 million tons of P2O5, with a year-on-year decline of 2.6%, which was the first decline after the economic crisis in 2008. In the process of development, the domestic phosphate and compound fertilizer industry is becoming more and more concentrated in resource producing areas. In 2013, the output of phosphorus compound fertilizer in yunyun, guizhou, sichuan and hubei, four phosphate mineral resource producing areas, accounted for 70.1% of the total national output. In 2013, due to the weak international market demand, the release of new production capacity in the Middle East and the sharp decline of import volume from India and other factors, China's exports of phosphorus and compound fertilizers declined slightly. In the whole year, a total of 2.706 million tons of phosphorus and compound fertilizers were exported to China, P2O5, a year-on-year decline of 4.9%.
Meanwhile, the phosphate compound fertilizer industry has been adhering to three combinations in terms of scientific and technological innovation, namely, the combination of introduced technology and digestion and absorption and re-innovation, the combination of independent innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, and the combination of scientific and technological research and development and technology integration and industrialization, accelerating the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. In 2013, the industry paid more attention to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading driven by scientific and technological innovation, and made great progress in the research and development of new products, upgrading and upgrading of technologies and extending to high-value-added products.
In addition, at this meeting, representatives from major phosphate fertilizer producing areas in China presented the development process and achievements of each region in recent years, so that the representatives of this meeting had a systematic understanding of the development characteristics of each major phosphate fertilizer producing area in China, which has a high reference significance. It can be seen that in recent years, China's phosphate fertilizer industry has achieved rapid development by leaps and leaps. Local governments are also adapting measures to local conditions, making breakthroughs and innovations to develop the phosphorus chemical industry with characteristics in this region.

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