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What effect does phosphorous diethyl ester have
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Diethyl phosphite plays a very important role in chemical products, which can be added to products and widely used in related products.
Diethyl phosphite USES:
As an intermediate of extraction agent and phosphate ester. It is used to prepare diethyl phosphate,O,O- diethyl -S- benzyl thiophosphate, the latter is rice wenjing. This is the first variety of organophosphorus fungicide put into large-scale production, which is used to replace mercury agent to control rice blast, and has certain effects on the control of rice small sclerotinia sclerotiae, leaf blight and ear blight. O, O '-diethyl phosphite, namely, diethyl phosphite, is the intermediate of bactericide aluminum triethyl phosphonate, rice wenping, insecticide thiocyclic phosphorus, herbicide glyphosate. Synthesis of intermediate O, O- diethyl sulfur (alcohol) instead of sodium phosphate, and then synthesis of fungicides such as rice wenjing. It can also be used as extraction agent and intermediate of phosphate ester.

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