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Development prospect of phosphorus trichloride
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In recent years, phosphorus trichloride industry has developed rapidly, so far there have been more than 100 enterprises in China to produce phosphorus trichloride. It is known that in 2008, the total production of phosphorus trichloride in China was 400,000 tons. After a series of reforms and technological development, it is estimated that in 2012, the total production of phosphorus trichloride in China will be 900,000 tons, which has become a large capacity country beyond the United States.
Phosphorus trichloride was main reason is that such rapid development of demand in the upstream and downstream products, such as synthetic organic pesticides, the growing demand chlorinating agent, catalyst, solvent, because our country is agricultural country, every year need a large number of antivirus pesticide effect of sterilization and the phosphorus trichloride was made from phosphorous pesticides and the basic raw material of glyphosate, pesticides lack it will lost the role of instinct. In general, for a long time in the future, the supply and demand relationship is still an important factor affecting the development of phosphorus trichloride.
In terms of the current situation of phosphorus trichloride development, China's phosphorus trichloride has been overproduced, some small enterprises wantonly production, because small enterprises input cost is low, the price advantage in sales is very prominent. However, these enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection, which brings serious harm to the environment, so China's phosphorus trichloride production enterprises need to improve and rectify. At present, our most important work is to eliminate not environmental protection is not normal enterprises, support good reputation and environmental protection awareness of large enterprises, which is of great significance to the future development of phosphorus trichloride.
If we want the phosphorus trichloride industry to continue to flourish, we should concentrate on the development of polymer additives, pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and other related products, lengthen the industrial link, expand the scope of use.
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