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Product Name:PhireGuard TPP

Time:2019-6-28 17:25:59

Product Details

P content %wt: 10.7
Relative density @20℃ : 1.31
Viscosity @20℃, mPa: 500
Acid value, mgKOH/g: < 0.1
Moisture, %wt: < 0.05
Color, APHA: < 100
TGA 5%wl loss, ℃ : 325
Physical properties: colorless/light yellow transparent liquid

General description and application
PhireGuardRDP is a low polymerization halogen-free phosphorous flame retardant based on resorcinol diphenyl (diphenyl phosphate) as monomer.
PhireGuard RDP is used in a variety of resin applications such as PPO (PPE) alloys, PC/ABS, and p-phthalate polymers (PET, PBT).
PhireGuardRDP's thermal stability and low viscosity make it suitable for the high processing temperatures and complex thin-walled dies required for most thermoplastic resins.
PhireGuard RDP can normally provide the required flame retardant range of 7-15 PHR for the resin.
In terms of flame retardant properties, PhireGuard RDP can be used as melt flow improvers (1-3 PHR) to achieve the minimum loss of scale stability.
Another advantage of PhireGuardRDP is its extremely low viscosity, which allows it to control and reduce thermal storage conditions.

Safety instructions
Avoid breathing vapor and mist. If in direct contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If ingested, immediately rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice. In any case, please wear appropriate protective clothing and carefully consult the product safety data sheet before using this product.

Handling and transportation
This product can be loaded in containers (up to 25 tons), ton boxes (1000 liters) and drums (200 liters and 155 U.S. gallons).
Products must be kept in a dry, cool place, away from the sun and away from moisture and water pollution. In order to prevent leakage, put inert materials in chemical waste containers.
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