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Product Name:2-carboxyethyl phenylhypophosphoric acid

Time:2019-6-28 17:24:11

Product Details

Phenyl phosphorus dioxide is colorless to light yellow transparent liquid at room temperature, with unpleasant odor, inhalation of human experience makes people feel headache, nausea: soluble in organic solvents, easy to absorb moisture, in the air and steam reaction and smoke.

Phenylphosphoinyi -propanoic acid
CAS no. : 14657-64-8
Molecular weight: 214.16
Chemical formula: C9H11O4P
Melting point: 156-159 ℃

Physical and chemical properties:
White powder solid, mixed in nylon, polyester flame retardant. Soluble in water, ethylene glycol and other solvents, weak water absorption at room temperature, room temperature stability.

Product application:
This product belongs to reactive (copolymerized) phosphorous environmental protection flame retardant, which is suitable for the permanent flame retardant modification of polyester, applicable to all fields of conventional PET. Add this product after the flame retardant polyester spinning performance compared with conventional PET, have the same as the conventional polyester chip spinning and tensile properties, with excellent thermal stability, flame retardant polyester products does not occur in the process of spinning decomposition, spinning the scene without peculiar smell, can improve the antistatic property of polyester products, good spinnability, the fiber has good weaving, can be through any spinning system for spinning processing, fabric can obtain permanent flame retardant performance. When copolymerized with PTA EG, the added amount was 2.5-4.5%, the phosphorus content of flame retardant polyester slice was 0.35-0.60%, and the flame retardant limiting oxygen index after spinning was 30-36%. Widely used in flame retardant textile, spinning flame retardant, chemical fiber flame retardant, all kinds of clothing, decorative cloth flame retardant field.
The permanent flame-retardant polyester curtain cloth, sand release, automobile seat cushion cloth and other fabrics produced by flame-retardant polyester chips have been tested by the national fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant components quality inspection center, and the national fire prevention building materials quality supervision and inspection center, and the oxygen index is 32-33%, meeting the requirements of GB8624B1 level, which has been widely used.

25KG cardboard bucket or plastic bag (or as required by customer); The esterification liquid; Plastic drum, 200KG net.
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