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Product Name:Phenyl phosphorus dichloride

Time:2019-6-28 17:23:29

Product Details

DCPP is the abbreviation of Dichlorophenyl phosphoine, also known as phenyl Dichlorophenyl phosphoine.

From its structural formula, it can be seen that it is a row of organisms formed by the reaction of benzene and phosphorus trichloride, and its components are carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus and chlorine.

Industry usually use benzene and acetone and phosphorus are under anhydrous aluminium trichloride catalyst reaction, generate DCPP and hydrogen chloride gas, hydrogen chloride gas through the tail gas absorption device to produce a certain concentration of hydrochloric acid, not fully response the mixture of benzene, phosphorus oxide, DCPP after finish the vacuum distillation separation DCPP, a mixture of benzene and phosphorus trichloride reuse. The yield of this process is low, only 15% of the theoretical yield.

DCPP is widely used in organic synthesis, its main purpose is to produce polyester permanent flame retardant intermediate, which is a halogen-free flame retardant, polyester fiber and its products have permanent flame retardant effect; DCPP has pesticide, medicine, dye, and other organic synthesis applications: in addition to biodiesel additives, improve the performance of diesel.

DCPP appearance is a colorless transparent liquid, sometimes a little yellow, water or steam will be strongly hydrolyzed, produce hydrogen chloride gas, and release a lot of heat. DCPP has a strong corrosive and irritating effect on the mucous membrane, skin and eyes of people, so wear protective clothing, eye mask and protective gloves when operating DCPP. In case of leakage, dry sand should be used to bury it.

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